One of the favorite phrases of our CEO and founder, Daniel Rutois, is that it is in times of crisis when the biggest opportunities appear, and this is when we must identify, evaluate and act swiftly. In the business world, the great fortunes have been made precisely at historical junctures that reflect moments of crisis.

During the period of 2005 to 2010, our company did not promote or advise clients to buy properties in the United States; on the contrary, we suggested selling even at a loss, knowing that the loss would be greater by not taking action.

All this changed at the end of 2010, when we started advising to invest in real estate in the United States; and today, dozens of people who took our advice, benefited from excellent returns on their investments.

In December 2011, we again analyzed preconstruction properties as a form of investment, and after a thorough study, the company chose to represent a project.
Through our investment seminars in Latin America, and Europe, we were able to get a large number of investors to be in the firsts to invest in these opportunities.

We are a company that stands out from the rest, since we don’t offer just everything that is available on the pre-construction market; instead, we offer only investments that provide the best return on investment and lowest risk.

This type of investment does not increase the price during the pre-sales stage. Our investors understand the importance of buying with the lowest possible risk and the prices based on pre-construction, and avoid overpaying by 10%or 15% once construction begins.

In addition to providing investment opportunities in pre-construction properties, we assist our clients with sale and purchase of properties already built, as well as investments in the commercial field.

Other key services include advice on protection of goods and assets, trading services, mortgages for foreigners, and administration of real estate properties. 

Why should you choose us? It is not just because of our professionalism, vast knowledge and positive attitude; but mainly because of our emphasis on all factors that contribute to the benefit of our clients , which is our absolute priority.

We offer more than 19 years of experience in investment and negotiations,
Mr. Rutois is a Hispanic negotiator recognized in multiple Latin American countries.
We are pioneers in hosting investment seminars in Latin America since 1999.
We work for you and we have hundreds of satisfied customers in the Americas.
Always, we will keep you informed of changes in the market. Our service continues after you have invested with us.
In summary, you will be able to attest that in Rutois International Realty, our motivation is not earning a commission. Instead, we aim to earn your business as your long term trusted investment company for you and future generations.

Let us represent you in your first investment, and the results will speak for themselves. For more information, click here.

Once the money is lost, it is very difficult to recover. A consultation can be the difference between winning and losing your savings before making any investment, get a second opinion from Mr. Daniel Rutois. Call without commitment, make an appointment, we are here to assist you.