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Undoubtedly, one of the keys to our success, and that of hundreds of our clients, is revolves around our unique hosting presentation and investments and business seminars we host throughout Latin America and Europe.

We are pioneers in hosting these presentations since 1999.

One thing is to become aware of investment opportunities, through an e-mail or a page like this, but a totally different one is to be able to sit in the comfort of a hotel in your city, to listen, discuss, and learn about available investment alternatives, and to understand how these offer options and advantages to foreign customers.

Through these events, you will be informed of all the necessary topics to be able to decide which investment is the most appropriate for your specific situation. We aim to provide you the tools to take advantage of the current opportunities in the United States.  

In the majority of cases, the participants at our seminars abroad learns about new real estate investment opportunities, much earlier than those who reside in the United States. This reality provides participants an important advantage.
Remember that timely information, allows you to make thoughtful decisions that impact your destiny.

The most important topics that we present are the following:

Why invest in real estate in the United States, and specifically the State of Florida.
The difference to invest between residential vs. commercial real estate
What are the returns which can be expected according to the investment.
How to access non-conventional opportunities.
Pre-construction investments.
How get a work visa, investment or residence in United States.
How to receive fixed returns of 9 to 10% annually on their investment, in monthly dividends.
How to protect your property and assets and prevent unforeseen situations..
Terms and conditions to get a mortgage as a foreigner.
Risks of investing as a foreigner.
How to maintain your privacy when investing in real estate.

Participation in one of these events has changed the financial life of many people in many countries. If you want to learn more, sign up for the next event and find out for yourself.

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