Meet Rodrigo: A different vision in Real Estate

Before joining Rutois International Realty, Rodrigo Silva has been a successful entrepreneur for over a decade and continues to be the President of his own Trade firm in Miami. Rodrigo came to real estate with a diverse business background from several successful enterprises in the US and Latin America, his diverse background makes him a great and trustworthy real estate agent. He is skilled at negotiating, sales, creative marketing and financial analysis which play a mayor role in the real estate business.

Rodrigo knew that he first needed to prove his success as an investor, establishing a track record to then advise others on how to invest their money. In the year 2011 he began to make investments for third parties, and in less than two years, got to represent a significant number of investors from Latin America and Asia. His selective database of Clients becomes a great asset for Sellers looking for a faster transactions and better prices.

Rodrigo is distinguished by transparency, creativity, and an ongoing effort to achieve excellent returns on each investment. A fundamental guiding principle is focusing on the client’s interests first.

Rodrigo currently married and lives in Brickell (Miami), the hearth of the new Financial District of the Americas. This gives him a firsthand understanding of the current development and strong projection that this area offers. Enjoys playing tennis and soccer.